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May 11, 2022

Statement in Recognition of National Women's Health Week

More than ever, La Clinica del Pueblo affirms health care as a fundamental human right, including sexual and reproductive health. We envision a diverse, inclusive, healthy, and safe community free from violence and discrimination, where all individuals have access to holistic healthcare and are well informed and empowered to care for themselves and their families.

In our work, we see the most vulnerable, mainly immigrant and low-income women of color, impacted by health care inequities. Hispanic and black women have significantly higher maternal deaths and higher infant mortality rates. In 2018, the CDC reported that the infant mortality rate among infants of black women was 10.8 per 1,000 live births and 4.0 for infants of Hispanic women. A lack of access to affordable health insurance and services is a critical contributing factor amplifying these disparities. La Clínica's programs and services positively impact the health of our communities by providing holistic care, thus educating and enabling each patient to make their own well-informed health decisions. We also advocate on the patient's behalf for access to care.

We invite you to join La Clinica in taking a stand for health equity, dignity, justice, and encouraging our families, friends and communities to continue educating themselves about the importance of creating more inclusive and equitable health care for women and all.