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May 2, 2023

Mental Health Awareness Month with Mi Refugio

With May being Mental Health awareness month, 50 Mi Refugio students participated in mental health support groups focusing on

the management of grief and sadness alongside a therapist and Youth Development Workers. Those same therapists identified several students who could benefit from individual therapy and are now providing them with individual sessions.

LCDP's Yecenia Castillo (Senior Manager for School-Based Mental Health) and Alma Hamer ( Lead Mental Health Therapist), alongside Mary's Center, participated in a panel with Univision, Discussing Mental Health with Experts from Two Community Clinics in Washington, DC. (click to watch)

Graduating Seniors expressed the power and impact of the Mi Refgio program through two beautiful poems. Click Below to watch the short videos.

Mi Refugio Student Graduate Poem # 1

by Natalia Flores

Mi Refugio Student Graduate Poem # 2

by Maybel Penalonzo & Brenda Sanabria