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ago. 26, 2008

Joint Study with Mi Refugio Team and Dr. John Salerno Shows Promise copy

Did you now that suicide is the third leading cause of death among Latinx youth? First-generation Latinx immigrant youth who migrate to the U.S. often experience stressors that increase their risk for severe mental health risks.

La Clínica’s Mi Refugio staff, jointly with Dr. John Salerno, co-authored “Profiles of psychosocial stressors and buffers among Latinx immigrant youth: Associations with suicidal ideation.” recently published in The Psychiatry Research Journal.

This study looks at the effects of pre-immigration trauma, family separation, and negative immigrant-related feelings (lack of acceptance) as contributing factors to mental health distress.

It also investigates the significance of positive family and peer support, like participants in La Clínica’s Mi Refugio program receive, and their distinct impact on Latinx immigrant youth mental health.

The good news: It shows that programs like La Clínica’s Mi Refugio program have a significant positive impact on teen mental health. What we are doing is working.

Considering the rising population of immigrant youth apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border, now is the time to research and understand what these youth are experiencing. This research can inform leaders and practitioners to better address this vulnerable population's mental health needs, including ongoing access to care.

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