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Oct 5, 2023

La Clínica Featured in NEJM Video Series on Diabetes Treatment

La Clínica takes a leading role again in Episodes 3 and 4 of the New England Journal of Medicine’s four-part series on diabetes treatment.

Suyanna Barker, our Chief of Programs and Community Services, Dinora Lopez, Health Educator, and Mirna Mejia, a La Clínica patient living with Type 2 Diabetes, were among those featured in the Controlling the Epidemic video series on the various aspects of diabetes treatment and supporting patients through individualized care.

Watch to see why culturally and linguistically appropriate services make
a difference in battling this disease that affects so many in the
Latine community.

We are not just educating for now. We are educating for a better future.
— Dinora Lopez, Health Educator
40% of our patients stopped buying medication because they didn’t have money for it. It’s a huge barrier.
— Suyanna Barker, Chief of Programs and Community Services