When we talk about health at La Clinica del Pueblo, we know that it means a lot more than what happens between four clinic walls. Since our origin as a one-room clinic in 1983, we’ve held health to be a human right, and we’ve understood that in order to have a healthy community, we must address the whole person, their environment, and the social systems that create inequity. We know this from the countless voices and perspectives of patients, clients, and community members who’ve been part of the fundamental fabric of La Clinica, as promotores de salud , Board members, advisory committee members, and staff. This is why at La Clinica we focus on care and prevention, clinical and community health, and social change and justice to achieve health equity.

Undoubtedly, 2019 was a year of increasing inequity for Latino immigrants in our region. The District of Columbia ranked first in a report of intensely gentrifying cities in the United States for the first 13 years of this decade, and it is evident in the ongoing displacement of low-income families to more affordable locations outside of the District. However, place matters for health access. Low-income immigrants in DC have almost universal access to health insurance in the District; low-income immigrants in Prince George’s County have far fewer options. In 2019 this untenable choice between housing and health care continued to plague Latino families in our region, while federal efforts to further restrict immigrant access to safety net programs through the “public charge” rule cast a chill on our patients and community.

La Clinica exists in response to our community’s evolving needs. In 2019 this meant that we made our services more accessible by continuing to grow our clinical and community services in Prince George’s County, while maintaining our core services and longstanding presence in the District of Columbia. Through our two clinics at 15th Street and Hyattsville, we provided more than 25,000 medical, mental health, care coordination and health education services, and our mental health program at Northwestern High School, Mi Refugio, continued to support 180 young newcomers to our area all the way through graduation. Our outpatient substance abuse program Volviendo a Vivir, currently the only Spanish-language program in the District, continued to grow with nearly 12,000 counseling services provided, while our language access program provided more than 17,000 medical interpretations in hospitals and specialist offices to low-income immigrants in the DC.

Our community health programs recorded more than 50,000 touchpoints, training 96 promotores to promote health in the settings where our community lives, works, and plays, while signature programs Entre Amigas and Empoderate continued to provide services, leadership development, and advocacy in the areas of gender-based violence and LGBTQ health in both the District and Prince George’s County. Our La Casa Community Health Action Center continues to grow as a site for community convening and dialogue. In the past year, our health equity voice continued to be raised around health and mental health access, immigration justice, and healthy community spaces; we also spoke out with our partners around Census 2020, food security, affordable housing, racial equity, and the effect of climate change on our communities here and in our countries of origin.

In all, 2019 was a year of public recognition for La Clinica from various corners: for excellence, for innovation, and for leadership. We are so proud to share our stories, our challenges, and our achievements through this annual report with you, our friends and supporters. Thank you so very much for the many ways in which you have made our work possible.

Catalina Sol
Executive Director

Erin M. Scheick
Board President


In 2019 La Clinica provided high-quality health services to our community, continually responding to the evolving needs of our patients, clients, and the wider Latinx Community in DC and Prince George’s County Maryland. We are proud to share some of the accomplishments and gains made through our Medical Services, Community Health in Action , Mental Health and Substance Use, Language Access and Health Equity in 2019.

  • Women and Environment Holistic Health Fair: Entre Amigas and Health Promotion partnered to promote women’s health and proper nutrition all while being good stewards of our environment. We provided free activities and services to educate our attendees on how to reduce, reuse, and recycle for our “Mother Earth” workshops.
  • Beautification Day at La Clinica: In April volunteers helped beautify our DC clinical site for the thousands of patients who call it their medical home.
  • On May 7, 2019 Franklin Amaya, a student from Northwestern High School, provided testimony at Prince George’s County Council’s Annual Budget meeting, sharing his experience as a “Mi Refugio” participant and the importance of sustaining such programs in order to support the immigrant community.
  • Mi Refugio Graduation: In May 2019, La Clinica celebrated 67 senior graduates who participated in our schoolbased mental health services program, Mi Refugio. La Clinica and Northwesetern High School staff gave words of encouragement and students too, shared their stories of triumph, inspiring each other as they start the next chapter of their lives.
  • La Clinica led the Medical Interpreter Training using a nationally recognized program in our Hyattsville site, where 17 interpreters were trained.
  • Se Vale Health Education campaign: In 2019, La Clinica’s mental health department in partnership with community health action department launched “Se Vale” campaign as a way to inform our community that “Se Vale/it’s okay” to not know how we feel, “Se Vale/it’s okay” to ask for help.
  • Prince George’s County Executive Angela Alsobrooks, visited our Hyattsville clinic to learn about our work and the issues Latinx immigrants face in the county.
  • Dialogues for Action: In November, our health equity team hosted a discussion about Immigrant health and Climate change to advocate for a transnational perspective.
  • We celebrated the Day of the Dead combining elements of traditional art, regional food and culture to raise awareness about what it means to resist in these times.



When Sindy decided to attend Mi Familia she didn’t know how her life was going to change. “The program helped me deal with my son’s education, since I came to this country, I haven’t seen any other program that can communicate in [my] language.”



Our staff and participants were beyond proud to present our very FIRST float, which came together thanks to the generous donations raised through individuals and the Do More 24 campaign! With the exciting addition of our float, our staff members and friends at ¡Empodérate! (Empower Yourself!), had the opportunity to march boldly alongside their fellow LGBTQ community to commemorate history as well as represent La Clinica's programs that create a safe and supportive space for our young Latinx LGBTQ members. We are so very thankful for all of your donations, efforts and passion put forth towards our successful participation at the 2019 Capital Pride Parade. This was possible because of all who cared. Gracias!


Our second annual La Fiesta del Barrio was a complete success with another year of free health screenings, dancing, art, music, food, vendors and fun! La Fiesta is an exhilarating celebration of traditional music, arts, and dance that offers a snapshot of our community's identity. In 2019, we had 23 vendors, including Latin artisans, media outlets, delicious local DC food vendors, a Kid Zone, five cultural performers, community partners and more! Thanks to your support, we raised $30,000 to support our health services and community building from the event! In addition, our Community Health Action team provided more than 100 health encounters through mini health education talks, health screenings, and HIV/STI testing! Together, we celebrated the passion, achievements and culture that run deeply through the roots of our diverse community.


Our 4th Annual Casino Night; a night where our biggest supporters and partners come together to enjoy great food, drinks, music, and games, all while supporting greater health access! Together, we exceeded our goal of $75,000 and raised $80,000 to support La Clinica's uninsured patients, programs and services! Thank you to Flock DC for their time and efforts planning, hosting and making this a fun event with more than 200 attendees. A special thank you to all of our sponsors who truly stepped up and gave generously - a diverse group of local businesses and organizations that are actively ensuring health is a human right and that all of our community members have access to it, through their support.


So much Christmas joy at our annual Posada! On December 19th, over 500 families enjoyed holiday food, festive entertainment, carols, and receiving gifts and books for the young ones. Every year we enjoy hosting this meaningful holiday celebration that asserts tradition, place, and belonging for immigrants of all generations. Thank you to the generosity of 30+ volunteers as well as 10 organizations who donated toys, food and beverages to make this event possible!


With the support of Maryland Community Health Resources Commission and Cigna, La Clinica's Health Promotion Program was fortunate enough to hold its second annual Goles Por La Salud Soccer Tournament and Health Fair on August 24th! 12 teams competed at the Heurich soccer field in Hyattsville, Maryland.


In 2019, La Clínica achieved excellent clinical outcomes and was recognized through a great span of esteemed awards for its leadership, provision of services, and work towards building a healthier community for all.


We are grateful for Congressman Anthony Brown's recognition of our work in the DMV area."La Clinica was founded in order to break down the cultural-linguistic and economic barriers between Central American immigrants and healthcare services in the Washington DC metropolitan area, driven by the belief that healthcare is a human right. La Clinica has since grown into a model of what community-based care can be.”




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